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From: Lola
by Lola N.It's early morning and the treads of mist are floating low above
the river. Still sleepy, she's waiting for me at the small
marina belonging to sweet naked underaged
the boat rental agency. My hair pinned
loosely under my straw hat, I'm smiling and apologizing. I'm
wearing butter-coloured boob tube, grayish linen skirt, brown
leather sandals and a straw bag.Embraced, I feel her body sway against mine while my hands pinch
her love-handles, then move round to the small of her back and
down to squeeze her bum... whispering in her ear: "Hello, Sexy.
Hope nn underage porn I'm not too late". I kiss her lips, parting them with my
tongue right there in the open, where everyone can see. Not that
there's much of `everyone' around... but the tall guy with dark
glasses who approaches us: "Mrs. and Mrs. N.?"I nod and he shows us the motor yacht that I rented. Something
around 24 feet with a large comfy-padded upper sun deck. Life's
a swamp.He's helping her into the cockpit while I'm going straight
downstairs, to change into my dark green one-piece thong
swimsuit, covering my bum with a colourful sarong. And while
she's getting down to change, I'm discussing the itinerary and
instructing the skipper. He's a silent type, won't bother us.Once on the upper deck, she in a skimpy black bikini, showing so
much of her goddessly curvature, her babies ever so beautiful...
Flashing her assets so shamelessly now! Feeling the vibes of underage incest boys the
boat's engine through my bum, I kiss her again, stabbing underage teens picture
with my tongue and kissing like possessed, like I haven't seen
her for ages. She lies against the pillow, embracing me
strongly, giving herself to me.She had deck shoes on and her feet are still sweaty. I press my
lips against her toes. Her sweaty toes. I must have floated away
with the mist, cos she's shushing me to be quieter. My tongue
explores all the little valleys in between her toes while I'm
trying to catch the scent. Nibbling and salivating over her
toes, licking her feet. Love her soft
feet... Kneeling in front of her, kissing her ankle, while she's
relaxed against the pillow, softly scratching her nipples
through her bikini. Like a cat. Thinking I had enough of the
deck shoe taste in my mouth, I'm raising up.Moss hanging from the branches, gives the swamp spooky
appearance if it weren't for the sun. Herons flying away. Quiet
sound of a guitar. Every new canal is narrower than the previous
one. We're getting in really deep.Sharing a glass of Baileys Irish Cream, I'm molding her buttocks
like a fresh dough, trying to get as large handfuls of them I
possibly can, cupping and squeezing her luxuriant curves and
placing my fingers to blend with her dough perfectly, to the
point where I don't know where my finger ends and her bum
begins. Our tits are touching, out thighs pressing against each
others, our bushes mingling into one large jungle... One large and
dump, swampy jungle... Holding her doughy handles, I can feel my
cream wetting my inner thighs...Moss, Irish Cream, my cream, sun, she, Irish Cream, my cream,
sun, she, my cream, sun, she, my cream, sun, she, sun, she,
she, she... everything's tumbling in my head... she, she... maybe I
better go down, under the deck.Once in the pleasant shade, I quickly change into ivory 10
denier stockings and white suspenders, white lace bra and
matching panties, high on the hip with a slender waistband and a
long tapering front so it hardly covers my bush, finishing with
white slingback shoes... and the white veil!I can hear underage pretten bbs her steps down the steep hot underage cunt wooden stairs, so I hide in
the bathroom, leaving my gift for her on the large wall-to-wall
cabin bed. I can hear her tear-open the wrapping and then
nothing for some time. Then her whisper: "I'm ready for whatever
you have in stock, my lilvixen!"Signal sexunderagenubus for me to come out of my hiding place, finding her bikini
on the floor next to my swimsuit. She's wearing my gift: black
stilettos and sheer hold-ups, plus one of those satin sleeping
masks air-liners give their passengers. My love is blindfolded.
First she senses my lips, a long lasting kiss with a mouthful of
Irish Cream, then a whisper in her ear: "You may now fuck the
bride!" And my hands are removing her blindfold. underage incest boys
And her face
tells me everything!She's lying on her back, her knees spread wide. I'm standing by
her legs, taking them up high, against my titties, watching her
enjoyment. And she's offering me her shoe: "Lick my shoe, Lola!
Kiss it!"Her thin stiletto is so smooth `n tasty. She's molding my bum
cheeks like possessed, I'm all shaking cos of it. My tit against
her nylon calf, I can feel her pressure on it. Mmmmmmm.... Just
love being with her."I'll teach you how to love my shoes, Lola, my bride, how to
suck on `em and how to get high!""Love you, my sweet Lady Doughena!" I'm thinking.She's taking her shoe off and starts rubbing her clit on it.
Pulling me down to her tummy, I'm licking her sweet naval.
Everything's so sweet on her... Sweet smooth hole is filling with
my saliva which I'm smearing over her soft tummy. Raising my
head, letting my saliva fall from my mouth to her naval and then
taking it back with my tongue. I can see her trembling and
stiletto's disappearing inside your her. All of it!"Doughena! What are you doing? Do that to me, pls!"Instead of an answer, she's taking it out and pulling me underage legal models closer
by the hair; kissing her, my head's flying all over her body.
Our tongues touching each other, tits free underage thumbnails falling onto tits, nipples
kissing... While we're holynet underage models kissing, she's inserting her stiletto to
lick it clean. Such a sweet cream... want her to cum to drink it
all...I'm in between her legs, fucking her again. We're turning
slowly, she's sitting on my face, covering it entirely,
clinching my head with her thighs. She's wiggling so strongly my
head's in pain. She's pulling my tits like they're pizza dough,
it hurts, but nicely... She`s paying no attention to my gasps for
air. Pulling down my white panties, she's lowering her head in
between my legs, into 69.I'm spreading her cunt with my nose..., a second only passed and
I'm all slimy of her. My nose filled up! She relaxes her body,
pinning my head with all her weight, wiggling like on a cock,
moaning, only difference being I know to relax her better, and
to satisfy her deeper. I'm replacing my nose with my tongue, all
of it into her open cunt. Her wet naval on my titties and her
full tits against my hips, mindtingling pinchy softness of a
woman rubbing against me. My tongue on her pink throne... We're
both panting noisily and totally out of this world.I can feel her fingers spreading my pussy, licking my clit with
all the length of her tongue. Spreading my lips, she's pushing
her stiletto into my puss. I wanna die! Cold, smooth and stiff,
it makes me crazy! She's licking it every time she pulls it out,
so it won't hurt, so it'll be wet and slippery. She's twisting
it inside, pulling out, licking and inserting back... I can feel
the shoe tip hitting my anus. And it responds by opening
itself.... Mmmmmmm........To show her how much I enjoy it, I'm kissing her cunt softly,
clinching her neck with my thighs. Her tongue's on my puss, on
my thigh, on my puss, on my thigh... I'm gonna cum soon...I'm on my back, licking her cunt; she's on me, licking my puss
while the stiletto's inside, hitting my bumhole which is opening
ever more; and above me, her puckered brown bumhole. I'm taking
my hand out of her cunt and start to caress her bum. My hand's
molding it, soon both my hands are there, smacking her cheeks,
spreading them. I'm tempted......touching her bumhole with my forefingertip, and it tightens, so
I'm circling around hardly touching it. She's taking the
stiletto out and inserting two fingers into my bum and the rest
in my puss and nibbling my pubic bone! Wish this moment can last
forever!I dare to push my finger into her anus. Softly, so I won't scare
her away, like she won't notice, won't sense what I'm doing. The
whole of my nail's inside underage illegal porngallery already. She's panting harder,
mumbling something. Is she calling me a ...?Half of my finger's inside her bum, but I want to push it all! I
sense her moans on my pussy, and give myself to her even more.
Seems like she agrees with my play, so I continue. Now I'm
pushing forward and backward, and in time it goes easily. My
finger's trying to rip her bum open... We're both panting. Her
fingers in my bum are eventually taking possession of my soul,
pulling it out of my body. I'm screaming and panting: "Doughena
my love I'm gonna cum! Gooo-nnnaa cuu-uum!" Both at my bum and
my puss! My whole body tightens. I'm trembling, electricity
flowing freely down my spine.I'm clinching her neck so hard but the sensation is out of this
planet! Do it quickly, move them stronger, kiss my clit, I'm
almost underage asian teens
there! I'm going crazy, all covered with perspiration,
nervous, sensation growing stronger... All of a sudden, my puss is
all open and exhaling air, but not for long. Her tongue's inside
ready to collect mouthfuls of my cum while her fingers are
really wild in my bum! She's flexing and extending them,
twisting, I can feel her ring at the very edge of my ring,
electricity transforming into the high voltage buzzzzzing and
I'm arching my back, jumping, holding for her head with my legs,
screaming, volcano erupting inside, underage incest boys it's she who awakened it and
it's she who owns it. My hips are getting sore, I cannot feel my
legs, what a wonderful feeling, floating in endless space while
cuming onto her fingers and tongue. I'm so happy and know she's
happy too. She's calming me, holding me, leaving her fingers
inside me till the last trembles pass.I'm pushing my finger all the way into her underage ru bbs bum and start licking
her cunt which is getting all the more slippery from my saliva
and her cream mixed. I wanna push one more finger into her bum
but cannot do that. Her fingers in my bum, she's screaming, lost
for all the world, covered in perspiration, her hair wet of her
sweat. She's shaking while my finger in her bum is doing
everything I can imagine. In and out, underage illegal porngallery
twisting inside,
everything she tough me.And my love's cuming! Biting my inner thighs, hitting my puss,
straddling, riding my face, underage pretten bbs
sand-papering my cheeks with the
tops of her underage girls nonude hold-ups . My tongue is straight like a cock, and
she's sliding down holynet underage models it, molding my titties, pulling my nipples,
cumming for me...Slowly calming down. Shaking less and less. Softer and softer.
Raising from my tongue and lying by my side. We're embraced,
covered with the upper sheath, kissing, cleaning each others
face. Relaxed. I cannot feel my body.My bra is somewhere around, don't remember when did I lost it.
Suspenders and stockings are twisted around my waist and thighs.
Can see white lace panties in the far corner of the cabin. My
white slingback shoes are somewhere by the bedside, cannot see
them ... and the white veil! My veil is torn in pieces! Mmmmm...
Reading this, I bet you're alone at the moment! And maybe longer
than that? Is your cunt all puffy and tangy and creamy by now,
my dear? What do you dream about? Go on, I dare you, go on and
do it! What does it takes? Go on, fuck yourself mindlessly, push
it over the edge, do something worth remembering. If you're not
ashamed of it, it's not worth it!!! And then, be shameless
enough to share it with me. Yours, Lola vumburayahoo.com
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